Sunday, September 19, 2010

Logo design is not important

Logo design is not important. What you need is some graphics you can generate in Microsoft Office Word and you are done. Sounds right? No! This is a short vision. Will you wear any hat on your had? I think you will think twice about putting anything on your had when going public. So is logo about a look only? Will it be enough to have a nice picture, some cool graphic, so called Nike swoosh or something close to it? Yes - if you are running business that no one knows and no one cares whether you are running a stable or long lasting operation, which will not disappear after few years. Others will pass by and think you are an average and short term thinker, a perhaps small timer with no future. Investing in logo  design that will actually represent  your business, personal character or mission statement, is crucial for well established business/operation. Your logo speaks for you:

  1. "I provide tasty meals that are prepared with special ingredients  and expertise" or 
  2. "I am reliable and strong, I make costumers happy with my quick response" or 
  3. "We are long time in business and know what it takes to provide best quality in our motel." 

People often mistaken logo with a picture. It is hard to draw a line between the two especially when it comes to choosing key functions and characteristics. I suggest choosing and focusing on 5 keywords. So narrow down the  whole business description to 5 most accurate keywords.

Once the logo is made it will be an inspiration for the web design. These two go hand in hand. You can stick any logo into a ready website but it will definitely look like sticked-in-item.  To solve this you need to have website designed based on your logo. The design of your website naturally evolves when the same designer who designed your logo designs your website. Design needs to be consistent. Consistency is a key on creating recognizable dress / image of your business. This is called branding.  

When does your input to a logo designer ends?

When your designer suggestions are not appealing to you and your ideas are not close to what he defined as an accurate representation then it is the time for you, as a customer, to let it go or... let him go. Graphic designer is not a mouse-pusher. Limiting his creativity only will hurt you at the end. However if you have made a bad choice in finding good graphic designer you will have to pay. It is suggested to listen what he has to say before and during the whole design process. Please read an article "how to choose a designer?"

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