Monday, September 13, 2010

Three mistakes people make while designing their logo

First logo mistake
Your logo is too busy or too complex
Logo must be simple but of course not simplistic. Simple and smart ideas do not come easily. Simple enough so people can notice it and smart enough so pople can understand what is your business about in few seconds. A logo could have a name of the business and if needed short tag line. Tag line is not your advertisement but concise statement giving additional  idea about a business, its mission statement or an extra value. From prectical view point logo should be clear even when it is printed on a pin, pen or re-created as embroidery. Complex logo design will not pass this test. The owner of such logo will have a limited possibilities of using it.

Second mistake

Misleading logo

A logo miss-representing your business by usage of irrelevant elements and symbols. Example: a home renovation contractor loved his countryside home so he wanted to have the serene local landscape reflected on his logo. 

Logo should be very informative. You have 3 seconds to tell people about your business in which they make their opinion. To communicate to them most essential information about you through logo design is crucial. Remember logo is not a picture although it leaves a pictorial impression in the mind. Synthesize, symbolize, minimize... while looking for the best suited elements, colors and font.   

Third mistake

Poor typography
Logo that uses font that does not correspond with the theme of the logo or character of the business.

Knowledge of typography is necessary. Fonts are like a living persons. You should study many fonts and use them accordingly. Also designing a logo with poor selection of font  (type face) will not yield best result. Again, following he path of masters will be quite helpful.    


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